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Timothy Barber
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HAVING a Bluetooth headset permanently stuck in your ear is pretty much at the epicentre of uncool. However, if you’re someone who travels a lot, at some point you have to accept that it’s a necessity. Plug-in headphones with a microphone attachment really don’t cut the mustard if you’ve important calls to make, while Bluetooth technology has now evolved to the point where sound quality, signal strength and comfort can be pretty well aligned. Here are the top picks for making that all-important conference call from wherever you happen to be.

Etymotic EtyBLU2
The extended boom-mic on this headset and the brilliant sound quality from headphone specialist Etymotic makes it a very good option for using if you work in noisy places – you won’t have to shout to make yourself heard.

Jawbone Era
California’s Jawbone specialises in high-performing Bluetooth sets that don’t actually make you look like a complete div. The Era mixes HD audio quality with motion technology – shake or tap it to operate it. £99.99

Plantronics Discovery 975
A simple, smart design meets ease of use in this headset that covers all the basis. Dual mics capture the voice and cancel background noise, and there are three levels of wind noise protection.

Bose Bluetooth
You’d expect something pretty tasty from the leading hi-fi specialist – and you’d be right. It can read surrounding ambient sound and adjust its volume level accordingly, while the microphone filters out noise to make your voice clearer.