Start a business? Yes you Caan

BUSINESSMAN, philanthropist and television personality James Caan has flown the Dragon’s nest and is to host his own entrepreneurial-themed show on CNBC.

The Capitalist paid a visit to the bearded former Dragon on set at The Business Class studio, ahead of the show’s debut tomorrow evening.

When asked the dreaded “how does this programme compare to Dragon’s Den?” question, Caan admitted: “This one is amazing, because you don’t have to part with any cash.” And the official answer: “This really is more me, and I feel really more comfortable because this is my core subject – SMEs and entrepreneurs.”

The show is set to feature guest panelists Jo Malone, Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital and as a final episode treat, producers are hoping Vince Cable will make a cameo.

The Capitalist took a sneak peek at the tape of the first episode, and is happy to report it features two ex-City women whose online designer clothing business, LUX FIX, is scrutinised by Caan in a suitably Dragons’ Den-esque fashion.