Starbucks hits back at McDonald’s with new cup

STARBUCKS will soon introduce a new “Trenta” cup that will dwarf even its supersized Venti.

The new offering will be available only for cold drinks such as iced coffee and iced tea and will cost around 30p more than Venti drinks.

Seattle-based Starbucks tested the new size in several US markets last year, saying it was responding to customer demand for larger cold beverages. McDonald’s, the world’s biggest fast-food chain, has taken direct aim at Starbucks with frappes, fruit smoothies and espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccino. It also has lured customers by selling supersized sweet tea drinks for just $1 ($63p) each.

Meanwhile, Starbucks last week announced a new alliance with Indian firm Tata Coffee.

The deal sent the Indian conglomerate’s share price rocketing 20 per cent. The deal could represent Starbucks’ first expansion into the rapidly growing Indian market.

Starbucks is expanding rapidly in growing nations and recently announced plans to triple its number of Chinese outlets.