Star manager Bolton heads to Asia to launch Fidelity fund

FIDELITY fund guru Anthony Bolton is returning to money management next year with the launch of a new portfolio investing in China.<br /><br />Bolton, one of Britain&rsquo;s best-known fund managers, was nicknamed the &ldquo;silent assassin&rdquo; for taking boardroom scalps during his outstanding 28-year run at the head of Fidelity International&rsquo;s Special Situations fund. He relinquished leadership of the fund in 2007, but now plans to move to Hong Kong and launch the new Chinese investment fund in the first quarter of next year.<br /><br />He said: &ldquo;The centre of gravity is shifting to this part of the world and I want to play a part in it while I can. I firmly believe that China is the investment opportunity of the next decade. I have been a regular visitor to China since 2004, when I started meeting and investing in Chinese companies. After spending the last few months in Asia, I have become increasingly excited by the prospect of managing a portfolio investing in the tremendous growth potential of China.<br /><br />&rdquo;A typical British investor has about 15 per cent of his portfolio invested in emerging markets now and the rest in the developed world, but that will change in the next few years,'&rdquo; he said.