Squatters stay on at UBS amid legal deadlock

PROTESTERS who have taken over a disused UBS building in the City could cling on for several more weeks after their case was adjourned in the High Court.

Yesterday the so-called Bank of Ideas challenged the possession order, issued by UBS subsidiary Sun Street Properties, at a preliminary hearing. Activists, who represented themselves in court, believe they can exploit the fact that certain key items were missing from the paperwork.

The case – Sun Street Properties v Persons Unknown – has been listed for next Monday.

UBS is expected to win eventually, although any eviction is not guaranteed to occur immediately, given the time needed to bring in bailiffs. UBS declined to comment.

Up to 100 activists are using the former office block each day and the Occupy group has offered local community groups hit by government spending cuts the chance to use its facilities.

A separate City of London action against the St Paul’s protesters will be heard in the High Court on 19 December. The Occupy LSX group received a boost last week when playwright Alan Bennett visited and carried out a reading amid the tents.