Spyker will make final bid for ailing Saab this week, says chief executive

Dutch luxury car maker Spyker Cars is working on its final offer for General Motors’(GM’s) Saab assets and will file its bid by a 7 January deadline, Spyker’s chief executive said yesterday.

Spyker cars is preparing to revise its bid for GM’s loss-making Swedish carmaker Saab for a third time to address GM’s criticism of its current offer.

“We have gotten time for a final offer. Nothing has been rejected,” said Spyker’s chief executive Victor Muller.

Muller said he would file an offer by a deadline that would expire on 7 January but he declined to give details.

Saab said last week General Motors had extended a deadline that expired on 31 December to accept bids for the Swedish car brand.

Saab said there were several potential bidders for the marque but it declined to give names, except for Spyker.

Paul Akerlund, union representative at Saab, said GM had given until Thursday for bids and would then go ahead with its wind-down process.