THE FA Cup has changed in the past couple of years. We were used to all Big Four contests in the early part of this century, but Chelsea are the only top team to make it to the final in the last three seasons. Some argue that this devalues the competition as the final is essentially handed to the best side on a plate. However, it’s rarely easy in a Wembley final and with spread betting we have plenty of different options for punting throughout the game.

Sporting Index will go down with masses of quirky specials on tomorrow’s game, but the goal minutes market will undoubtedly be one of their most popular. Didier Drogba’s three second half goals against Wigan produced a final goal minutes total of 211, not bad for anyone who had bought at 48 pre-match. It could have been even better if Frank Lampard had let him take the first half penalty as well!

The Drog is on fire at the moment and would love to improve on his tally of 36 goals for the season. He will surely play a major part in the final and it could be that there will be some value in buying his goal minutes at half-time.

As I’ve already said, I expect the opening period to be relatively cagey, but Drogba is the one player who can turn a match on its head with a simple piece of brilliance. He tends to score in the big games and also has a fantastic record at Wembley, scoring in two semi-finals and two finals. Now, Sporting Index are quoting him at 37-40 minutes before the game, but my advice is to hold fire until the break and then make your decision. If he hasn’t scored and it’s a tight game his goal minutes spread will be more like 28-31 and that could be the time to step in.