Spread betters host celebrity charity traders

SPREAD betting firm City Index has engaged the services of former footballers Bob Wilson and Gareth Southgate this month.

Messrs Wilson and Southgate are battling it out to win the firm’s Celebrity Trader Challenge, a new monthly initiative to raise money for charity.

Each month City Index will be giving a celeb trader £2,500 in a spread betting account to trade the markets with.

Whatever they make plus their starting cash then goes to a charity of their choice, which this month is the Willow Foundation.

Previously the firm has hosted Caprice, Adam Boulton and Heston Blumenthal as guest traders. Although the superstar so far has been actor Warwick Davis, who turned his starting balance from £2,500 into £2,991. With only a day to go before their trading balances are revealed, the pair have both tentatively shared their thoughts on their progress on Twitter. Don’t count your chickens boys.