Spotify goes mobile with new iPhone agreement

SPOTIFY, the digital music firm, has secured a deal to launch a mobile offering on Apple&rsquo;s iPhone, iPod Touch and phones using the Android platform.<br /><br />The Swedish firm said yesterday that a mobile application is now available for its premium subscribers in the UK, Sweden, Spain, France and Norway on the three devices, and in Finland for owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch.<br /><br />The application will allow premium users to access millions of tracks from the service, previously only available via a computer.<br /><br />Spotify has won plaudits from the music industry, which has been hammered by piracy, for offering an alternative to illegal sites. It has more than 6m users in Europe.<br /><br />Users of the service can either listen to music for free in exchange for listening to adverts, or pay a premium fee of &pound;9.99 a month for an ad-free service.