Spend a month on the wagon as a dryathlete

NOW that Movember has moved on and Stoptober has passed, Cancer Research UK is challenging thirsty City folk to go dry during January.

For those who can’t quite stomach the prospect of a whole month on the wagon, a “golden pass” is a liquid lifeline which grants the bearer 24 guilt-free hours on the sauce.

The property sector has already put its livers firmly on the line with dry-athletes from the Savills “Sobriety Saints” and Knight Frank’s Johnny Hawkins, who admitted to The Capitalist that too many hungover December mornings had got the better of him. Other teams looking strong on the fundraising scoreboard are the boldly named “We will bankrupt Mahiki” and “Up Jacob’s Creek without a paddle” – surely a City entry if ever The Capitalist saw one?

One man from the charity is certainly facing sobering times, alcohol-free or otherwise. CRUK’s treasurer, and former chief executive of HBOS, Sir James Crosby was a regular fixture at the Parliamentary Banking Commission in December over the bank’s collapse and will no doubt be looking forward to a month free from MPs questions.

To sign up online or sponsor a sober colleague go to cruk.org/dryathlon