Special One’s return not just good for Blues

Trevor Steven
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NEVER go back, they say in football, but Jose Mourinho’s possible return to Chelsea would be a shot in the arm, not just for the club but also for the Premier League.

The Blues have been nudged from the very top table of English football in recent years, and instead of building on their miraculous Champions League triumph last May have in fact gone backwards.

They need something or someone to get them talked about again; to send a message that they are back and expect to win the top-flight title again. Nothing would achieve that like re-hiring the Special One.

Mourinho would help to attract the world’s most sought-after players. He would be sure to want a new striker, probably Radamel Falcao of Atletico Madrid, and, with Jose on board, they might just get him. It can’t hurt that they share the same agent, Jorge Mendes.

His return would likely be good news for the old guard. Frank Lampard, John Terry and Ashley Cole’s Stamford Bridge futures are currently in doubt, but their old mentor would make them part of his project.

Furthermore, he would also be delivering a huge boost to the Premier League. Outshone recently by Spain and now Germany, Mourinho’s reputation, charisma and love of English football would be a timely reminder of the top flight’s clout.

Trevor Steven is a former England footballer. He now works as a media commentator.