Spare $190,000 for a hot drink with Apple boss

FANCY grabbing a drink with Apple boss Tim Cook? Better start saving your small change now.

A charity auction offering the chance to have a coffee with the chief executive has reached $190,00 already – and bidding only began on Wednesday.

The online auction, which is raising proceeds for anti-oppression charity the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, is offering a 30 minute to one hour coffee with the boss, at Apple’s California HQ.

But there was one unexpected name amongst the would-be coffee drinkers. A man by the name of Rory O’Neill – which happens to be the name of BlackBerry’s product and marketing vice president – made a bid but soon changed his username to “charitybidder10”.

Could it be BlackBerry’s man attempting to lunch with the enemy? Apparently it was all just a big coincidence, as the firm promised yesterday “he didn’t bid”.

Other lots attracting a wealth of virtual paddle-waving include a tennis lesson with French Open champion Rafael Nadal, the chance to meet film star Robert DeNiro at the Tribeca Film Festival and even an opportunity to play ping pong with New Kids On The Block.

Unfortunately one lot hasn’t proved so popular. The chance to get “up close and personal” with TV presenter Piers Morgan had no bids as of last night.

But not to worry, with 18 days left to go The Capitalist is sure somebody will spare a dollar to save Piers’ blushes.