Sony dismisses doubts over the future of 3D television

Sony was among a raft of top electronics firms to place 3D technology at the forefront of its growth plans at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, writes Steve Dinneen.

The Japanese firm showcased its new flagship range of 3D TVs, promising the format will change the way people watch video content.

Chairman and president Sir Howard Stringer said his firm will “aggressively” pursue 3D, dismissing doubts about the long-term future of the format.

He said: “People greeted colour and HD with scepticism. We will prevail with this technology.”

Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux added: “Sony is and will continue to be the leader in 3D TV. We will bring an even greater amount of content to our range of connected TVs.” In all, 27 new Bravia TVs will launch in 2011.

The firm also unveiled 3D camcorders and digital cameras it says will help bring the format to the mainstream.

Panasonic also placed 3D at the heart of its new product range. The firm predicts a staggering 32 per cent of TV sales will be in 3D by 2014, and launched five new TVs offering the platform.

Panasonic consumer electronics president Shiro Kitajima told the Consumer Electronics show audience 3D will change the way we watch TV. He said: “At one time you sat in front of your TV but it is becoming a much more interactive experience.

Both Panasonic and Samsung have also developed a new range of lightweight 3D glasses they hope will help remove the stigma of wearing bulky eyewear to enjoy TV.