Something different for the summer...

Laura Williams

I don’t know about you but every so often I need some life breathed into my fitness routine. Not in the form of a wacky new class; more like something that I’d usually do but with a twist. These are the two things currently making me smile on my fitness radar:

Launched in London barely a fortnight ago, fit2date is “the home of push ups and hook ups”. Already well established in Oz, this is an al fresco fitness experience with a difference: you spend a couple of hours working out in a nice green area such as Clapham Common or Highbury Fields then instead of heading home with a virtuous smoothie, you all head to the pub for further “bonding”. The two-hour Mega Meets happen quarterly but fit2date also offers four-week training courses and eight-week run clubs. The requirements for signing up are a little different to usual: no hefty joining fee and no 12-month commitment (phew – that one could be awkward, worst case scenario) but you do have to be single and you do need to be relatively fit. Definitely worth a go, although ladies, you’ll probably want to bin the scrunchie and befriend the dry shampoo and waterproof mascara for this one.

One of the biggest downsides to combining a commute with a workout has to be the bag carrying. No matter how many straps and compartments a rucksack has, running just isn’t the same with keys, phone and water bottle rattling around. Enter Home Run, a company offering guided group runs on commuter routes such as Bank to Clapham Junction, Canary Wharf to Stratford, and even Moorgate to Finchley Road. But the best bit? They carry your bag. The second best bit? Home Run is currently free. With rumoured boarding times of up to 30 minutes for some London stations during the Games, there’s never been a better time to ditch the underground and join some fellow fitties to burn off those Euro 2012 Kronenberg calories.