WHY would you want to draw attention to a skinny, sometimes hairy piece of leg between your trousers and your shoes? Is it because you’re particularly fond of the knobble on your ankle and it warrants extra attention? Or that you feel that the five inches in question needs cheering up?

After David Beckham’s appearance on last Friday’s Jonathan Ross when he flashed his red socks from underneath his very dapper (and I’m sure very costly) suit, I have been flashed at, at least four times in the City, with red socks. Oh, and one pair of royal blue ones.

I’m all for pulling focus to your good points and making the most of your most attractive assets, whatever they are. Certainly in the office you should draw the eye towards your most valuable tools of communication, your eyes and smile, by wearing coloured accessories or ties that will enhance your features, and shapes that flatter your neckline.

Of course Becks has one of those faces that your eyes get glued to, red socks or not, but we’re not all as good looking as him, and even then, I found it hard to avert my gaze away from those socks. Guiding other people’s eyes firmly to your ankle means they’ll scrutinize your shoes and trouser length, so you’d better be confident that they’re perfect.
Personally I’d be more inclined to splash the colour with a striking tie which points to your face – a much more pleasant lasting memory. Sorry Becks: this is one fashion statement I advise you all not to follow. (I liked the hair-do though…!)

Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant with