Smells like teen spirit: Young Enterprise won by London team

THE FINAL of this year’s national Young Enterprise competition has been won by a London team from Bishopshalt School.

The entrepreneurial teenagers were praised by judges for their jewellery company Triangle. And it was handy that awards were dished out at the offices of Deutsche Bank, as it seems some of the young entrepreneurs have their sights set on a career in the Square Mile. Amar Gadar told The Capitalist: “My dream is to get into investment banking in the City and this competition has given me the chance to build skills which will help when I apply for jobs.”

■ Shadow chancellor Ed Balls (pictured) might not have known what to make of all the “Ed Balls” cries from spectators as he navigated his way around the London marathon course yesterday. But The Capitalist fears not all the chants of encouragement may have been meant for the shadow chancellor. Finishing just six minutes after Balls’ 5h14m was a septuagenarian runner by the name of Edmund Winston Balls, whose timing rather puts the younger Balls to shame.

■ As Mayor Boris Johnson is constantly reminding us, small businesses are the backbone of London’s economy, so The Capitalist would not knock plucky entrepreneurial spirit hastily. However an email yesterday bearing the subject “Prototype doggy vending machine unveiled” raised an eyebrow. It turns out canine chow brand Bakers Complete has made a device where hungry dogs can pull a bone attached to a lead, causing a tennis ball to be fired. Clever pups who return the ball to a slot in the machine are rewarded as it dispenses a treat. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “taking the biscuit”.