Sky vows to fight plans to force it to wholesale premium content to rivals

SKY yesterday vowed to fight “through every avenue possible” attempts to force it to sell its premium channels to rivals at regulated prices.

Media regulator Ofcom is meeting tomorrow to discuss plans to make Sky wholesale its movies and sports channels to competitors like Virgin and BT Vision. It will give a final decision in March.

But a spokesman for Sky yesterday said it would appeal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal if the ruling goes against it.

Sources close to Sky suggested that such an appeal would be staged on the grounds that Ofcom does not have the legal powers to issue such a ruling.

Meanwhile, BT Vision yesterday said it would fire the opening salvo in a price war if Ofcom does decide to make Sky wholesale its premium channels.

It said it would charge customers around £15 a month for Sky Sports 1 compared to the £25.50 that Sky subscribers must pay.