Sing in the rain under the sturdiest umbrella

HOW many times have you bought a dud umbrella? One that embarrasses you when it violently flips inside out? One that can’t quite stand up to the limp November rain, or an occasional bluster on the way to work?

Well, worry no longer and consider one of these fine specimens. These umbrellas not only look good, but are built to last. Jamie Milestone, designer and founder of London Undercover, thinks that a well-considered umbrella is the mark of a true City gent – perhaps the updated incarnation of John Steed. “The umbrella is a status symbol for the modern gentleman,” he says. “It’s part of a certain look – the modern British look.” If you’re willing to invest in a well-made bag or a pair of bespoke shoes, then care should be taken in the choice of the umbrella as an accessory also worth spending money on. Milestone believes that a man who carries a quality umbrella probably has a good attitude: “It shows that you’re well-prepared for everything.” London Underground’s City Gent umbrella is lightweight, but sturdy, and won’t do that flighty thing of snapping inside out. Think of a strong, slimline number that’s made with smooth maple-wood and a nice curve for a handle. It’s certainly something that you’d be happy to be seen out and about with hanging from your arm.

1 James Smith, Slim-rolled
London Umbrella with Whangee
Cane Crook,

2 Swaine Adeney Brigg, Golfing Umbrella, £99,

3 London Undercover, Maharishi, DPM Bamdazzle 1, £120,

4 Paul Smith, Multi Stripe Trim Umbrella, £65,

5 Fred Perry, Double Sided Tartan Umbrella, £45,

6 London Undercover, City Gent Lifesaver
Umbrella, £95,