Shell vows that deepwater drills will continue

PETER VOSER, chief executive at Royal Dutch Shell, has pledged that the company will remain committed to deepwater drilling despite the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Speaking in Cape Town yesterday, Voser said that with a climb in population and the rising demand for oil, avoiding deepwater drilling is not an option.

“Given the rise in the population and rise in developing world of energy needs, we will have to develop those resources in deep waters as well, so my expectation is that we will go forward with it, but it will need some changes,” said Voser.

Shell’s global safety procedures are in line with the regulations currently being proposed by the US government and interior secretary Ken Salazar, according to Voser, who said that the industry needed to work harder at preparing for oil spills.

But Voser distanced himself from BP and said that Shell would never have drilled the Macondo well in the same way.

He said: “We would not have drilled the well in the same way. We have got other safety procedures across the globe. But I think for some companies there will be some learning from this as well.”