Shell says rate of North Sea oil leak has reduced further

Kasmira Jefford
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INVESTORS will be watching oil giant Royal Dutch Shell closely this morning after the company said that the oil leak from its Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea was “under control”.

Shell, which detected a leak in a flow line on Wednesday last week, stressed that an inspection by a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) on Saturday night “shows the leak rate has reduced further”.

The leak spilled an estimated 216 tonnes of oil (1,300 barrels). The sheen – located 112 miles east of Aberdeen in Scotland – is estimated to be around 37 square feet.

The company said that the platform will continue to operate and that they do not expect the oil slick to reach the shore.

“We are using ROVs and preparing divers as we continue to take action to reduce the leak as the weather allows, and where it is safe to do so,” Shell said.

The spill contrasts to the Gulf of Mexico oil slick, where the well was not contained and covered an area of around 5,200 square kms. Shell has shut in the North Sea well and the flow line has been depressurised so no further oil should flow out.

Shell closed at 2,008p in London on Friday night, up 2.95 per cent.