Shell’s boss snaps up £4.1m as profits drop

SHELL chief executive Peter Voser took home £4.1m in salary, benefits and bonuses last year, according to the oil giant’s annual report out yesterday.

The total payout for the Swiss chief executive, which marks a drop from £4.5m in 2011, includes a salary of £1.3m. Voser also enjoyed a £2.8m bonus last year.

“Peter Voser strongly led the strategy review and its implementation, including delivery of key projects following final investment decisions, which progressed well in all business units,” the oil giant said to explain his bonus. Voser was also praised for driving the commercialisation of the North American gas position, and furthering Shell’s China strategy.

Chief financial officer Simon Henry raked in a total payout of £2m – including a £810,000 salary – down from £2.1m over the previous year. Simon took home a £1.3m bonus for the year.

Despite the slight drop in overall remuneration, both Voser and Henry bagged pay rises for this year, of 2.5 per cent and 4.8 per cent respectively.

Their annual earnings come in a year where Shell has seen its full-year earnings slump six per cent to $27bn (£17.8bn) – from $28.6bn in 2011 – as it was hit by weaker oil and gas prices.