Severn Trent latest to back Diplomas

UTILITIES giant Severn Trent is the latest employer to join a network of 250 companies supporting Diplomas, a government-backed programme designed to help teenagers prepare for the workplace.

Severn Trent chief executive Tony Wray has joined a growing number of organisations supporting the programme, including House of Fraser, the British Chambers of Commerce and Chartered Management Institute.

Wray said: “One of our key strategic intentions is to ensure we have the right skills to deliver and we are investing at all levels to ensure that we secure a strong pipeline of skills and experience for the future.”

Wray said the Diplomas programme provided employment opportunities for the water company and urged other businesses within the utilities sector to follow suit.
Diplomas was launched in 2005 and is led by a collection of colleges and schools across the country.

The programme provides apprenticeship opportunities for students aged 14-19 in place of GCSE’s and A-Levels.

Other companies taking part include Muller, Brompton Bicycles and employer’s group the CBI