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Yoni Assia
Social Trading
I’ll discuss social investing 101. It will be helpful for those interested in social trading but who don’t consider themselves experts. Research we carried out with MIT showed that copy trading, where traders watch the activity of others and make their decisions accordingly, performs significantly better than manual trading. Many new to trading think it is impossible even to make money. But social trading will revolutionise the scenario: the wisdom of the crowd can help traders to beat the market.

Yoni Assia is chief executive at eToro.

Zoe Fiddes
Technical Analysis
Traders are looking for a strategy that will work, so listening to someone with some experience can help them find that strategy. And there are hundreds of technical indicators out there – technical analysis can be mind-boggling. One of the issues is that many traders use indicators but don’t know the logic behind them. They read the basic rules about relative strength index, for example, but don’t understand the theory behind it.

Zoe Fiddes is head of UK business at easy-forex.

David Jones
Short-Term Equities Trading
There’s a misconception that trading has to be all about jumping in and out of the FTSE many times a day to snatch a few points of profit. While you can trade that way, you don’t have to. It’s perfectly sensible to look to run positions for days, weeks, or even months. For those people who can’t watch screens all day – and don’t want to – this is the right strategy. So I’ll expand on techniques to do this, and will explain why having a more relaxed approach to the markets can result in a better chance of profitability.

David Jones is chief market strategist at IG.

Boris Schlossberg
Strategies for Day Trading FX
If you have a macro point of view, you can make money trading over the long term. But the better opportunities are on daily trades. So I’ll share strategy ideas to make money from this. I focus on the most liquid instruments, like euro-dollar, as they’re most responsive to price patterns. My ideas are designed to be low-risk low-profit, so I’ll suggest some ways to go for small profit on a consistent basis. And currency pairs also have unique personalities – I hope we can discuss this all tomorrow.

Boris Schlossbeg is managing director of BK Forex.

Clem Chambers
Five Tips for Adrenaline Seekers
No one wants to know how to make money investing in stocks. I’ve tried to tell thousands of people. Instead, people want to have a crazy time gambling. So it’s time someone came out and suggested a few ways to give them that feeling that can’t be beat: the feeling of going to hell and back trading. Rather than trying to educate people by showing them what they don’t want to do, let’s show them all the stuff they really do want to do, and what happens. That’s much more fun.

Clem Chambers is an author, journalist, and chief executive of

Lex van Dam
FX Market Trends
Nothing beats having good, original trading ideas. If you have a bad idea, no amount of analysis can save you. You should always be on the lookout for new ideas, and for opportune moments when they may work. At Active Trader, I’m focusing on FX markets with a presentation that should be useful for beginners and experienced traders alike. The topic is how to understand what moves currency markets, and especially what is moving the market right now. This can help you trade in a more intelligent manner.

Lex van Dam is a hedge fund manager, and author of How to Make Money Trading.

John Bilton
Bubbles, Bazookas and Brinkmanship
I will cover three things that I think are important: first the ongoing debates about how we bring different vested interests together to map out a future for our timezone. It’s a game of brinkmanship that markets are taking a lot of time thinking about. There are also bubbles – safe havens have performed well, but they hurt when they crack. And finally there’s the bazookas. We are where we are because of central banks. Support will remain for a few quarters yet, so managing our way through is important.

John Bilton is European investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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