Sainsbury’s in £1m deal for digital firm

SAINSBURY’S has delved further into the market for consumer digital downloads, paying £1m to buy Global Media Vault (GMV) from MBL Group.

The supermarket already had a strong relationship with GMV, through an online service launched in November last year that enables customers to buy music and other entertainment products.

Yet Sainbury’s is now moving towards the digital market, seeking benefit from GMV’s three million video games, movies and music offerings.

“Online retailing and the delivery of digital content will play a key role in the future of entertainment so this is an important acquisition for Sainsbury’s,” said development director Luke Jensen.

“The acquisition also represents a significant time saving when compared to building a platform from scratch ourselves,” Jensen added.

The UK entertainment market is worth £7.3bn, with the online market expected to double in value by 2015.