Ryanair to appeal fine for mistreating passengers

RYANAIR is to challenge a hefty fine handed down by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for the alleged mistreatment of passengers during the flight ban last month.

Over the weekend, ENAC fined Ryanair €3m (£2.57m) for allegedly breaching European Union code EU261, which requires airlines to reimburse reasonable receipted expenses of disrupted passengers.

ENAC said it had received over 178 complaints from passengers who claim to have been mistreated by the airline during the six-day flight ban late last month.

A spokesperson from Ryanair said: “It is extraordinary that ENAC would announce on Saturday that Ryanair has been fined … without ENAC having had the courtesy to notify Ryanair of any of these allegations, or allowing Ryanair an opportunity to explain how it complied with EU261 allegations.”

ENAC yesterday confirmed the legitimacy of the fine and the 178 cases against the airline.
ENAC said: “[We] totally reject the specious claims of Ryanair”.