Liz Yelling
The London Marathon 2013
  1. KNOW YOUR PACE. Knowing your pace per mile means you can have a target time. For a target marathon time, double your half marathon time and add 10 per cent. Remember, it’s an estimate and many factors influence finish times.
  2. PRACTICE your race pace in training. This doesn’t mean you have to run 26.2 miles at race pace, but try to do it for periods to learn how it feels.
  3. LISTEN to your body, it will quickly tell you how you’re doing. Understanding this is vital to make the progress you’re looking for. How you interpret these feelings during exercise is known as your perception of effort. Mastering it will help you master your own race pace.
  4. BE DISCIPLINED. After all your hard practice, don’t get sucked in by the swell of other runners and drawn into blasting off. Don’t panic if you can’t get into your pace straightaway; give yourself time.
  5. BE CONSISTENT. Give yourself a time range to aim at. If target pace is 9m 8secs per mile, allow yourself a range of 9m to 9m 20secs. Don’t speed up and slow down to hit target paces, you’ll frustrate yourself and may tire quicker.

Liz Yelling is an ambassador for Lucozade Sport, which hydrates and fuels you by replacing electrolytes lost in sweat. It’s the official sports drink of the Virgin London Marathon and will be on course at miles 5, 10, 15, 19 and 23.