Rumours of third tablet before UK launch of iPad2

Steve Dinneen
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THE iPad 2 isn’t released in the UK until tomorrow but rumours are already circulating about its successor.

Sources yesterday claimed the iPad 3 could be released as soon as September this year. This could spell disaster for iPad rivals such as HP’s TouchPad, which is slated for release in the summer. Its specifications already fall short of the iPad 2 and a new generation Apple tablet being released within weeks could kill it off.

Analysts are predicting the iPad 3 will have an ultra-sharp retina display similar to that on the iPhone 4 and hardware could include an NFC chip for mobile payments. Other possible additions include a Thunderbolt port, which would appease those who have lobbied for a USB connection, and an SD card reader.

Also being dragged through the rumour mill is the iPhone 5, which is expected to be released in June. Sources in China have hinted it could feature a four inch screen – moving closer to the monster 4.3 inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Apple boss Steve Jobs also insisted that he has no plans to kill off the iPod Classic, which was not revamped when a new range of iPods were released in September last year.