Royal Dutch Shell looks for $4bn yearly boost from new projects

ROYAL Dutch Shell&rsquo;s two massive natural-gas projects in Qatar will increase the company&rsquo;s cash flow by $4bn (&pound;2.6bn) a year when they start up in 2011, according to chief executive Peter Voser.<br /><br />Voser said the Pearl gas-to-liquids plant and Qatargas 4 &ndash; a liquefied-natural-gas development &ndash; would deliver 350,000 barrels a day of oil.<br /><br />That is the equivalent to some 10 per cent of Shell&rsquo;s current output.<br /><br />He said: &ldquo;These projects combined will have a substantial impact on Shell&rsquo;s worldwide production and generate sustained positive cash flows for decades to come.&rdquo;<br /><br />&nbsp;Voser was speaking after Shell showed analysts around Pearl and Qatargas 4, two projects that are vital to the company&rsquo;s growth strategy. With a price tag of $18bn to $19bn, Pearl &mdash; which will convert Qatari natural gas into diesel and other high-value oil products &mdash; is the biggest single project in the global oil industry.<br /><br />Shell hopes the projects will mark a turning point in the company&rsquo;s fortunes after years of declining production. <br /><br />Shell&rsquo;s output has fallen by as much as 15 per cent since 2005 while its costs have risen by 40 per cent, according to Deutsche Bank.<br />