Row your boat gently down the Atlantic say three City boys

THREE City boys and former army officers – Ed Janvrin, consultant at PwC, Alex Mackenzie, consultant at McKinney Rogers and Will Dixon, business manager at Barclays – stripped off their suits to row across the Atlantic in aid of charity Row2Recovery earlier this year.

The mission, conceived by Janvrin and Mackenzie, was undertaken by a crew of six – made all the more impressive by the fact that between them they had only eight legs. Despite encounters with a kamikaze frigate bird and fractured rudder the team made it back to dry land and have now achieved their goal of raising £1m for the charity.

The story of their ocean crossing, The Row To Recovery, is out now. Royalties from the book will help service personnel injured in the line of duty.

■ AN intriguing sales pitch from scent marketing firm ScentAir, who have managed to establish the tenuous link between Christmas and the smell of finance: “Bank retailers are perfuming with traditional Christmas whiffs. Make the customers stay longer and relate more with you.” One such client to take up the fragrance services of ScentAir is the office building at 125 Old Broad Street. The home of the Old Stock Exchange is now occupied by Alegro Capital, AMCO Commodities, Seven Investment Management, property bigwigs DTZ and law firm King & Spalding. No word on what notes make up the scent of Christmas in a bank. The Capitalist presumes it would be an oil-based fragrance, all the better for greasing palms.

■ A JP Morgan album could soon be the next big thing in pop music. Swiss model Xenia Tchoumitcheva, a former summer intern at the bank’s London office, has released an “erotic rap song” called You’re So Beautiful. Tchoumitcheva has previously spoken highly of her time at JP Morgan: “I have to say it was a very positive experience for me — better than any other industry in the world.” Questioned online as to whether she would return to banking, the model gave a cryptic response: “The financial system is like the blood of an organism. If there is a problem with an organ you can see it, because there is less, or more, supply. It is an alphabet to read the whole world, or an earthquake”. Probably a no, then.