Rolls-Royce wins new $2.2bn contract

Engine maker Rolls Royce has won a $2.2bn (£1.37bn) long-term maintenance contract with Emirates airline.

The deal covers Rolls Royce’s engines in the airline’s fleet of 70 Airbus craft.

It adds to current contracts to take the total number of Emirates aircraft serviced by Rolls-Royce to 128.

Emirates, the airline of the United Arab Emirates, is a key Rolls-Royce customer and this deal will help the engineering giant repair the reputation of its Trent engines after they suffered problems last year.

In November it had to review its Trent 900 engines on the Airbus A380 after one exploded on a Qantas flight from Sydney from Singapore, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The incident caused Qantas to ground its fleet of A380s to investigate the problem.