Rodgers blasts star Suarez for dive admission


RPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers has condemned Luis Suarez and promised to take action against his controversial striker after the Uruguay star confessed to diving.

Suarez admitted in an interview with a South American broadcaster earlier this week that he had tried to manufacture a penalty in October’s goalless draw against Stoke.

“I’ve seen the comments and I think it is wrong,” said Rodgers, who has staunchly defended Suarez against accusations of simulation. “It is unacceptable. I’ve spoken to Luis and it will be dealt with internally.”

Suarez taunted Everton boss David Moyes by celebrating a goal in the Merseyside derby with a dive directly in front of the Scot. Before the match, and just three weeks after the Suarez’s dive against Stoke drew criticism from their manager Tony Pulis, Moyes had accused the 25-year-old of going to ground easily.

The former Ajax player said this week: “I was accused of falling inside the box in a match, and it’s true I did it that time.”