Rivals launch challenge to BT adverts over free sport claims

SKY and TalkTalk have appealed to the advertising watchdog over BT’s claim that its sports channels will be free to broadband customers.

They have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which can force adverts to be pulled if judged misleading.

BT broadband customers will gain free access to BT Sport when it launches in August. But to watch them on a TV customers will need to pay for BT’s TV services, or own a Sky box. The alternative is to watch the channels on a PC or tablet.

“We can confirm that we have concerns over the way BT has advertised BT Sport, and we have raised them with the ASA,” TalkTalk said, while Sky did not comment. “The ASA has not raised any complaints about our advertising for BT Sport,” BT said.

The ASA has today upheld separate complaints related to BT advertising its YouView TV service as free, due to associated costs.