Research conducted this year by GRS, the leading financial recruitment organisation, has revealed the following statistics.<br /><br />In a survey of 800 risk professionals, 43 per cent said that risk managers in general had failed to communicate risk effectively to their organisations.<br /><br />63 per cent said that the credit crunch had been beneficial for them in terms of their career advancement and remuneration.<br /><br />In July 2008, 49 per cent of financial institutions said that they wanted to appoint a pure risk professional to the board, rather than having the role of overseeing risk fall within the remit of the Financial Director or the Head of Audit. As of this month, the figure has risen to 58 per cent.<br /><br />However, in July last year, only 12 per cent of financial institutions actually had a pure risk professional on the board.<br /><br />www.grsrecruitment.com