Riots continue in Brazil despite president’s answer to demands

CLASHES continued in Brazil over the weekend despite President Dilma Rousseff’s attempt to respond to protesters’ demands and halt the violence.

Trouble was reported in Belo Horizonte and Salvador, the two cities hosting Confederations Cup football matches on Saturday. However the protests were largely peaceful.

In a televised address on Friday night, Rousseff expressed support for the protests while pledging to curb violence and looting.

The protests that swept Brazil over the past week have seemingly come out of nowhere, with more than 1m people taking to the streets last week to air a wide range of grievances, from poor public transport and hospitals to corruption and shoddy, underfunded schools. The demonstrations are the biggest in Brazil in two decades.

While demonstrators largely steered clear of a Brazil-Italy match in Salvador, tensions flared outside another game between Mexico and Japan in Belo Horizonte and riot police fired tear gas at protesters.