HAVE you put away your summer clothing yet, and brought out your winter stuff? Now’s the perfect time if you haven’t already done so. I always find it quite exciting to retrieve last winter’s clothing, taking it out of the tissue (I always pack it away clean, folded and wrapped), as if you’ve just been on a shopping spree – there are always exciting late-season things you’d bought in the sales and forgotten about. You may be pondering some new cute items you’ve seen in the shops recently, so while its all out of your wardrobe, see what will go with what, and what you’ll need to update your wardrobe for this winter. Think about your lifestyle, and any engagements you have coming up – dinners, parties, business dates, corporate events? It’s no use dashing out for a new LBD (little black dress) the day before the do – they miraculously become the most elusive garments on the planet.

Have a look at your work-horse staples – your black or grey trousers, skirts and suits. What needs replacing? These are the things you wear all the time and should be really good quality to last the long winter. You want these to look good whenever you wear them, so these are the things you should spend most money on. A good, classic black skirt will last for years and will never let you down; you can add silk shirts, cashmere sweaters, wool jackets and bright cardigans to change your weekday work wardrobe. (I love the Jaeger black Floaty Sakura knee length skirt, £99, or the skirt pictured, also Jaeger, £250). A skirt like this will always look and feel fabulous to wear, and while it may not shout “look at me”, believe me, a shabby one would, and not in a good way.

Good quality, classic “basics” seem boring to splash out for, but they are well worth it; and like the LBD, when you need them, they’re hard to find. So don’t wait till the last moment, check your winter wardrobe thoroughly and make a mental note to pounce on a work-horse classic when you see one.

Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant with Working Voices.com.

Email: saraollamby