Review: super long-lasting manicure

THE problem with manicures is that they don’t last. Until now. Welcome to the ingenious world of EzFlow, an American company that uses the range of modern nail technology including fibreglass, silk, acrylic, gel and a wonderful polish called Gelez. I can’t say I understand the other ones, but I do understand Gelez thanks to a recent manicure at Harrods’ cutting edge day spa, Urban Retreat.

Gelez contains something that leaves your nails chip-free for two-three weeks. I had a French manicure one week ago and there’s no hint of disturbance. I tap a keyboard incessantly, garden occasionally and am constantly rooting around in my bag. I have never made it past three days chip-free before.

EzFlow boasts that the new formula gives you the high gloss colour of a polish but with the chip-resistant quality of a gel. I’d have to agree. The range of Gelez colours is far from spectacular but for your basic reds, pinks, gothic darks and nudes, it’s fine.

My therapist was expert and shaped my nails just as I wanted. Nails are carefully dried under a lamp – thumbs separately – so that when you walk away you can tie shoes and do everything else instantly.

I am thrilled with the results and keep showing people my advert-quality nails. The only downside, as far as I can see, will be the ten-minute soak in acetone required to take the colour off. But it’s two weeks from now, so I won’t worry about it yet. 45 minutes for £50. At Harrods,
Zoe Strimpel