The report’s path to economic growth

■ Establish a Prime Minister-led National Growth Council, ensuring all parts of government support growth.

■ Launch an independent body to ensure the Council’s conclusions are fully and swiftly implemented.

■ Introduce a substantial devolution of funding from central government to Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs), based on major regional centres such as Manchester and Birmingham.

■ Ensure government backing for economic development is tailored to the needs of local businesses.

■ Produce an economic policy for each sector of the economy, written with help from industry and academia.

■ Parachute civil servants into local growth teams to remove blockages holding up business development.

■ Hand a legal role to chambers of commerce to boost local support for businesses.

■ The government should take a more active role in approving foreign takeovers.

■ Build business engagement into the national curriculum and ensure early intervention into failing schools.

■ Every government department should hire a chief procurement officer to lead the delivery of major projects.

■ Clarify policy on airport expansion in the south east at the earliest opportunity.

■ Turn all local government areas outside London into unitary authorities and enable conurbations to elect a mayor for the entire region.