RBS nails down its Asian asset sell-off

ROYAL Bank of Scotland was closing in on a sale of its Asian assets yesterday, as it emerged Australian bank ANZ is likely to pay A$1.1bn (&pound;549m) for its operations in six Asian areas.<br /><br />ANZ said yesterday talks are &ldquo;progressing well&rdquo; over an asset purchase, including RBS&rsquo; operations in Taiwan. <br /><br />RBS, which is set to report stellar profits on Friday but is still fighting to raise capital after being part-nationalised in a government bailout, has been in talks with ANZ for several months over a possible deal. <br /><br />The bank is thought to be keen to announce the sale of all of its Asian retail and commercial banking operations before it reports this week.<br />Standard Chartered is still thought to be considering&nbsp; a bid for many of RBS&rsquo; other Asian assets.