RBS finds the key to female satisfaction

THE KEY to happiness, if you are a woman anyway, does not lie in yoga, meditation or at the bottom of a melting chocolate fudge sundae – but through entrepreneurship, according to RBS.

The bank’s latest research claims that women who run their own businesses are “happier, more satisfied and enjoy a better work--life balance than those who work for someone else”.

But what real City ladies are there to test this hypothesis? The Capitalist spoke to ex-Accenture consultant and entrepreneur Sian Morley-Smith, who is one of the three-strong female team behind online business network BusinessBecause.

“I am a massive control freak so the biggest point of satisfaction for me is choosing who I work with,” said Morley-Smith. And work-life balance? “Having all the extra flexibility actually means that I am pretty much always working and never separated from my phone.”

Maybe having a isn’t so bad after all.