A flatter tax pitch
I gratefully acknowledge the coalition's willingness to embark on a witch-hunt of benefit cheats, but I am not convinced they have the courage to tackle tax cheats with the same vigour. A company I jointly founded some years ago was put into voluntary liquidation as a result of not being able to compete with our main rival due to their tax-dodging practices. They were, eventually, convicted of that offence, but HMRC agreed to substantially reduce their penalty

to avoid potentially protracted and expensive litigation and, in any case, their admonishment was too late to save our company. The coalition must understand that corporate tax evasion inhibits economic growth through restricting the ability of honest firms to compete with less scrupulous rivals by effectively denying them a level playing field. This restriction on competition also, ultimately, limits consumer choice.

Brian Eggleston



[Re: Both Automatic fines are a SAD Eurozone policy and Time to say the unsayable – European unification needs to restart without the euro, yesterday]

Language problems and ingrained thought patterns prevent Germans and French getting the full picture. It’s not in “their” newspapers.


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