Tax and the City

Congratulations to City A.M. for raising the issue of the threat to the City by intrusive and unnecessary EU regulation [Calls for PM to protect the City, Monday]. As a London MEP I am fighting in the European Parliament to protect my constituents’ jobs and to preserve the City’s status as Europe’s biggest financial centre. We must ensure that financial regulation remains the responsibility of national governments and regulators. Also

Europe must listen to the voices of its members; the UK and countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and the Czech Republic have all said no to an EU Financial Transaction Tax. This tax should be dead in the water by now, yet eurocrats still have London in their sights with this uncalled-for tax.

Marina Yannakoudakis, Conservative member of the European Parliament for London


Hidden drives

[Re: Time to bring our roads into the market economy, Friday] I'd suggest we should be able to build new underground roads too. There are plenty of places in London crying out for entirely private roads.

Andrew Bates