Driven too far

Osborne has always got money to throw at euro bailouts and other pet causes like high speed rail and increasing overseas aid. He is tempting fate if he introduces road tolls to pay for infrastructure, as drivers have already been paying many times over for road investment that hasn't been made. There are 33m drivers in the UK, and that will be quite a backlash. He should remember that 2m signed the petition against Blair's road pricing, and that was before the recent drop in standards of living.

Brian Mooney


Muzzled on pay

I have sympathy with David Wootton [Like Terry or Lampard, City stars are worth it, yesterday] in arguing it is not the role of government to set pay, but it is also not for politicians to bail out failing private companies with public funds – and the private sector should not be so greedy to swallow this largesse.

With the government increasingly involved in the funding of banks and subsidy of more of the economy, is it so surprising that it is also moving into deciding how much its chief executives get paid?
The muzzle will soon be getting too tight to bite the hand that feeds.

Neil Blazier