Marx out of tent

Allister Heath’s editorial in City A.M. yesterday [We need reform – but that does not make Marx right] appears to be under a misconception that Occupation of the London Stock Exchange is in relation to the socialist philosopher Karl Marx. Rather like the Arab Spring, the occupation is a reaction to arbitrary and excessive exploitation of financial markets that has led to the present First World Credit Crisis.

I can confirm that the Occupation of the London Stock Exchange is a broad church of many religious faith groups and similarly those of varying economic outlooks.

Further I can advise there is no mandate for the use of Marxism, although all economists have to study Karl Marx: after all, with his book Das Capital Karl Marx invented the word “Capitalism”. One of the aims of the occupation is the avoidance of the economic conditions that in the past have led to war.

I also note your paper’s office is close-by and we would welcome you and your staff to come to St Paul’s and join in the debates held in the University Tent.

Liam T Kirk
Floating Press Officer,
Occupation of the London Stock Exchange,
Common Ground adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral,
London EC4M 8AD