Bailouts vs zombies
As Marc Sidwell says [The Zombie Menace of Anti-capitalist Thought, Friday], the Occupy London protest is leaderless, yet he lumps all the protesters together as anti-capitalist. From what I’ve gathered, some may be anti-capitalist but there is a range of views; many are simply disgusted with the way that banks have been bailed-out at the taxpayers’ expense or the way that bankers continue to receive bonuses in the six or seven figures, when their company cannot even manage to turn a profit. Some criticisms of contemporary capitalism are not simply atavistic.

These people are appalled at Anglo-Saxon capitalism in particular. Not all wish to live in a communist utopia, some would simply prefer a more caring form of capitalism, along the lines of Germany, which still manages to be the European economic powerhouse.

To lump all protesters together as anti-capitalist is just disingenuous.

Ian Marsden