Rites and wrongs

I think Allister Heath [Why the Archbishop has got it wrong, yesterday], fails to understand the Church of England. There is plenty of room for Anglicans to disagree. Indeed, the Church of England was founded on dialogue. Moreover, theology is not much interested in the capitalism versus socialism debate. Rather, Rowan Williams argues that for our current capitalist democracy to survive it must be grounded in substantive values. To be sure, I think a Tobin tax would be misguided. But I find no difficulty in remaining Anglican, and would hardly describe the highly-educated Archbishop of Canterbury as “weirdly ignorant”.

Tim Lees, trainee solicitor and postgraduate theology student


Costly camping

I hope the approach to the camp works out, I hope it all ends peacefully. I mostly just hope that it ends. If and when it does, when the professional protesters tire of wet, cold nights and wet, warm clergy, the church will still be left with the need for money. Lots of it. When the camp moves on the bishops will return to the bankers. I hope the engagement will be cordial.

T. Kell

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