Fencing the banks

Instead of mounting a legal challenge to the capital rules proposed by the Vickers Commission [EU in bid to veto UK bank reform], surely the EU should instead be considering a similar overhaul for all the bloc’s banks. Ring-fencing investment banking from retail banking would create a more stable financial system which, given the current state of the Eurozone, is what Europe desperately needs.

Marina Yannakoudakis MEP


Qualifying work

In her reply to Jamie Whyte [Hooray for a decline in university applications], Sally Hunt [University Blues, last Wednesday], implies that more graduates are needed because the CBI says that 56 per cent more jobs will need graduates by 2017. But this is a non sequitur because she assumes that almost all graduates are in jobs that require graduate skills: this is not the case, and has not been so for years.

John Davenport