Rapid responses

New beginnings

[Re: An unusually brilliant move by Osborne will give City a huge fillip, yesterday]

Mark Carney has performed his first conjuring trick by confounding the commentators with his surprise appointment. But to be a successful Bank of England governor, and to get the UK economy going, he is going to need a lot more from his magic box. I wish him the best of luck.

Martin Ball

Mark Carney has a good reputation in London and the response to his appointment has been largely positive. However, Canadian household and government debt has seen a significant increase in recent years, which raises some concern about Carney’s otherwise extremely impressive record. Nonetheless, if he can keep Paul Tucker on board, Carney might be able to accrue some support from the City. With today’s low interest rates, rising debt and high unemployment, the new governor will need all the support he can muster.

Henry Samuel

The right leadership is essential for getting Britain out of this mess. How can we encourage all the other parts of government to abandon the underperformers and bring in fresh, strong leadership as well?

Richard Chadwick



OECD slashes its global growth forecasts, warning that the Eurozone debt crisis is the biggest threat to the world economy.

Anyone care to say what position UK took in the Greek debt deal? How much did we lose? Will there be a statement in Parliament?

Would it not make more sense for insurance companies and the government to work together and build better flood defences?

Boris’s comment on London immigration: “London was founded in 43AD by a bunch of pushy Italian immigrants!”.