Rapid responses

Bill please

[Re: There must be no compromise on our own press freedom, Monday]

Brendan O'Neill is right to invoke the spirit of the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech – and by extension, freedom of the press. He highlights a gaping hole in our political institutions: we do not have a simplified Bill of Rights. Instead, our rights are hidden in volumes of legal precedent, making it easy to furtively attack our liberties. If we want to move towards a transparent society, we need to create a constitution and our own Bill of Rights. We must shake off our inertia, be brave and have the will to drive change, lest we fall down the slippery road to serfdom.



Head in the sand

[Re: EU budget stalemate: The battle is about more than European waste, Monday]

Matthew Sinclair is spot on. It’s outrageous that our taxes are being squandered in Brussels. Hannes Swoboda, president of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists in the European Parliament believes that David Cameron is blackmailing EU countries by threatening to veto the EU budget. But those of us who have had the misfortune to live under socialist governments understand that they excel in their ability to tax, spend and waste. Eventually they always run out of other peoples’ money. Cameron speaks for more people in these islands and continental Europe than bureaucrats and politicians like Swoboda realise.

Alex Sawyer



Mark Carney will be the first non-British citizen to hold the post of governor of the Bank of England since its creation in 1694.

Congratulations to Mark Carney on his appointment. Some will say it was a surprise call, but it was always on the cards.

Britain needs competent people to do the UK PLC job. Mark Carney is a step in the right direction.

Mark Carney will be effective in his new role as governor. Cross-party support, and his experience in Canada bodes well.