Rapid responses

Taxing times

[RE: Our bureaucratic tax system is destroying jobs and growth, yesterday]

Fiscal reform is desperately needed. There is a bewildering menu of taxes in this country, and even more red tape as a result. With the government’s avaricious appetite, high levels of taxation are not going to go away any time soon. And with the UK’s debt burden (and future pension and welfare liabilities), an annual deficit of approximately £150bn, and a state welfare and healthcare system that we cannot afford, the era of low taxes are over for decades to come. We are paying Scandinavian tax rates without their high quality services. Even if we cannot reduce the levels of tax we pay, we can at least make them more efficient.

Matt Gash


Abramovich fan

[Re: Why I still support Abramovich’s rule at thriving Chelsea, yesterday]

David Hellier is absolutely right. Roman Abramovich owns the club and he will run it as he sees fit. I am not a shareholder, and the club has been pretty successful in that time. No one else was going to spend the same money on investment over the last ten years.

Ike Nwobodo

[Re: There’s no third way for the City in Britain’s relationship with the EU, yesterday]

There is no prospect of renegotiating Britain’s EU relationship. And we cannot stop ever closer union. Britain must leave.

John Moss



11 member states have now threatened to use their vetos against the long-term EU budget.

Britain surrendered most of its budget redate in 2004. Are the other members grateful? Have we won influence?

The French MEP Herve Mariton has said the logic of the Eurozone is political union. At least someone is now saying it.

Funding for Lending is a big recycling operation for households. It takes money from savers to subsidise borrowers.