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Easing the burden

[Re: We must ditch unfair loopholes – and then cut tax overall, yesterday]

You have to ask what purpose corporation tax serves. Companies are mere constructs for the purposes of providing services to the market. By taxing them, the government is penalising a justifiable and desirable activity. In the end, the consumer pays because the tax is a cost of production. It costs more than just the cost of the tax because clever brains – which are better used elsewhere – are applied to saving the tax rather than useful production. It also diverts production. Let us remove it altogether. Think of all the UK-originating companies which would return to the UK. Think of all the foreign companies that would relocate to the UK.

Think of the extra employment. Think of how much less political time would be spent tilting at windmills.

Sir James Pickthorn, Pickthorn Chartered Surveyors

[Re: Business groups hail coalition plans to slash regulation burden, yesterday]

The announcement that the coalition’s “one-in, one-out” regulation system is due to be upgraded to a “one-in, two-out” system is certainly a welcome step for UK small and medium sized businesses. Concern about red tape is widespread among UK small businesses. It is important the environment for growth is just as strong as the measures used to stimulate such action.

Richard Coleman, Zurich Insurance



If we’re to have a “war time” mentaility to the economic crisis then perhaps tax loopholes should be closed to help with the effort.

I can’t work out which side of EU Ed Miliband is on. He warns that we are “sleepwalking into an exit”, and then calls himself eurosceptic.

Anyone have any idea at all where the government stands on airports, EU, energy policy, environment? Me neither.

Businesses tell me that huge policy uncertainty is holding them back from investing in the UK.